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About Us


‘’Our mission is to provide subconscious learning tools to all ages’’

Welcome to Play Morgan Studio, where gaming meets guilt-free learning. Our mission is to provide engaging and interactive learning experiences for learners of all ages, maximizing their enjoyment while providing them with long-lasting knowledge.

Our first release, Fluency Runner, launched in October 2022, is a unique endless runner game that combines education and gameplay seamlessly. Players are required to actively engage in the educational elements of the game to progress.

Fluency Runner is completely free for life and designed with you in mind! It is a revolutionary way to learn key words and phrases that can be used in everyday life, whether you are traveling, at work, or engaging in general conversations. Currently available in five interchangeable languages, we are working tirelessly to add another 20+ languages by the end of 2023.Join us at Play Morgan Studio and experience the joy of guilt-free gaming combined with subconscious learning that will stay with you forever.

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